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The Provost of the College has approved an alternate and easier means of Admission Application into the College for Prospective Candidates
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15 March 2021

In his continuous desire to take Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu to greater heights and to increase substantially the student population of the College, The Provost, Dr. M. O. Okoronkwo has graciously approved an alternate means of Admission Application into the College. Similar to what obtains in many other institutions of higher learning in the country, prospective students can now apply for admission into the College without necessarily needing to purchase the College Admission Application Scratch Cards. Rather they can stay in the comfort of their homes and make their applications. What this means is that candidates seeking for admission into the College can now stay in Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, anywhere in Nigeria or anywhere in the world and make their applications. It also means that these candidates need not visit Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu at all during the Admission Application process until they have been admitted into the College and have received their admission letter. They also do not need an intermediary or an agent to handle this process.


To Apply for admission, all a candidate needs to do is to:

The above steps when completed will open the College Online Admission Application Form for the candidate who then fills the Form and submits. Candidates applying via this route will then need to scan and mail their credentials to this email address:

Candidates can view their admission status by visiting the Check Admission Status Link. Candidates will also be notified via sms and other means when admitted.

It should be noted that this is only an alternate means of admission application and does not in any way invalidate the usual Scratch-off Card means of admission for candidates who may want to go via that means or for those who may have purchased Scratch Cards.

Parents, Guardians and prospective candidates are therefore encouraged to use any of these means to apply for admission into this prestigious institution of higher learning while admission lasts.

Published on 15 March, 2021